picture of Louella On a warm summer day, far, far from the state of Maine, I snapped the unique starfish photograph. Focusing on the beauty of the colors and small pool I was amazed at the different dimensions of this picture: the starfish, safe in their environment, the reflection of the trees and the sky on the glass of the water. While I always enjoyed the picture, it took on a more significant meaning once combined with the story of the boy and the starfish. One boy making a difference with each starfish, one at a time.

To have this simple story and photo help make a difference, even if in the smallest of ways, is what I wanted to do, and I have strived to do so for many years in the hospitality business along with my personal life by showing kindness to others, a heart for the underdog and the spirit of strength when another had none.

Interestingly, the starfish or sea star, ‘sees’ with a small colored eyespot located at the tip of each arm. It can sense light but cannot form images.Also, the starfish “feels” with a tiny, sensitive tentacle also located at the tip of each arm, they can regenerate new arms when the old ones are broken off, even if a starfish is cut in two, each one of the pieces will generate into a new animal. With so much “brokenness” in the world it remains a joy to be able to produce beauty from tragedy and encouragement by way of making a difference, my hope is for all of us to do the same.

To bring light to a darkened place and hope to an empty shore.  To help lift the burden dampening ones’ joy. To fill with light a place where there is none.  To go forward in the strength of the Lord Jesus.  This statement is bound with love to all who read it.


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